AIRF Vol. 49. Tangible Religion: Materiality of Domestic Cult Practices from Antiquity to Early Modern Era

Edited by Ria Berg, Antonella Coralini, Anu Kaisa Koponen, Reima Välimäki
Roma 2021

PDF: Tangible Religion: Materiality of Domestic Cult Practices from Antiquity to Early Modern Era.


Ria Berg – Reima Välimäki – Anu Kaisa Koponen – Antonella Coralini, Introduction: Tangible Religion from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period

Ancient World

Meritxell Ferrer, More than Dwellings. Women, Rituals and Homes in Western Sicily (8th–5th Centuries BCE)

Simona Perna, What is in a Vase? Materiality and Semiotics of Cinerary Vases in Egyptian Stone and Vase Shapes in Roman Domestic and Funerary Contexts

Aude Durand & William Van Andringa, To Live or not to Live. The Lares and the Transfer of the Domicilium in a Roman Town

Maddalena Bassani, Gods and Cult Objects in Roman Houses. Notes for a Methodological Research

Ria Berg, Instruments & Amulets. Pompeian Hairpins and Women’s Domestic Ritual

Antonella Coralini, Materialising Divine Presences. Hercules domesticus Revisited

Anu Kaisa Koponen, Egyptian Cults in Pompeian Domestic Wall Paintings

Maddalena Bassani, Sacra privata in Central Italy. New Data from an Archaeological Research

Medieval & Early Modern Europe

Claire Renkin, Making the Sacred Palpable. How Material Objects Enhanced Lay Devotional Practices in Late Medieval Europe

Reima Välimäki, More Powerful than Mere Matter? Forbidden but Practiced Material Religion among the Late Medieval German Waldensians

Kirsi Majantie, Venerated and Didactic Walls. Devotional Images on Fifteenth- to Sixteenth-Century Tile Stoves in Northern Europe

David Gaimster, New Faith, New Home, New Stove. The Role of the Hanseatic Ceramic Trade in the Transmission of New Confessional and Political Identities in the Northern European Home, c. 1500–1600

List of Contributors