AIRF Vol. 25. Women, Wealth And Power in the Roman Empire

Päivi Setälä, Ria Berg, Riikka Hälikkä, Minerva Keltanen, Janne Pölönen & Ville Vuolanto
Roma 2002
ISBN: 952-5323-02-1

Ria Berg: Wearing Wealth. Mundus Muliebris and Ornatus as Status Markers for Women in Imperial Rome.

Riikka Hälikkä: Discourses of Body, Gender and Power in Tacitus.

Minerva Keltanen: The Public Image of the Four Empresses – Ideal Wives, Mothers and Regents?

Janne Pölönen: The Division of Wealth between Men and Women in Roman Succession (ca. 50 BC – AD 250).

Päivi Setälä: Women and Brick Production – Some New Aspects.

Ville Vuolanto: Women and the Property of Fatherless Children in the Roman Empire.

Ville Vuolanto: Male and Female Euergetism in Late Antiquity. A Study on Italian and Adriatic Church Floor Mosaics