AIRF Vol. 40. Studies in Ancient Oracles and Divination

Edited by Mika Kajava
Roma 2013
ISBN 978-88-7140-529-2

Mika Kajava, Preface.

Sanna-Ilaria Kittelä, Dodona and Neoptolemus: Heroic Genealogies and Claims of Ethnicity.

Antti Lampinen, Θεώ μεμελημένε Φοίβω – Oracular Functionaries at Claros and Didyma in the Imperial Period.

Matias Buchholz, Questions to Oracles in Graeco-Roman Egypt: A Quantitative Approach to the Papyrological Evidence.

Laura Buchholz, Identifying the Oracular sortes of Italy.

Jesse Keskiaho, Re-visiting the Libri Sibyllini: Some Remarks on Their Nature in Roman Legend and Experience.

Suvi Randén, “Through ambiguous words, as is the custom of oracles” – Oracles, Roman Emperors and Imperial Historians.

Outi Kaltio, Valuing Oracles and Prophecies: Lactantius and the Pagan Seers