AIRF Vol. 39. Changing Minds. Communication and Influence in the High and Later Middle Ages

Edited by Christian Krötzl and Miikka Tamminen
Roma 2010
ISBN 978-88-7140-515-5

Lari Ahokas: Remembering the Tyrant. Memory of the Early Abbots of Farfa in the Works of Gregory of Catino.

Teemu Immonen: Communicative Aspects of Eremitical Life in the Tenth- and Eleventh-Century Italy.

Pekka Tolonen: The Secret Lineage of Mathilda of Lappion? On Saintly Women, Men and their Proponents in Thirteenth-Century Northern France and Flanders.

Christian Krötzl: ”Fama volat”. On Propagation, Decision-Making and Influence in the Later Middle Ages.

Jussi Hanska: From Historical Event to Didactic Story. Medieval Miracle Stories as a Means of Communication.

Marika Räsänen: Making a Saint for the Monastery of Fossanova. The Dispute on the Ownership of the Corpse of Saint Thomas Aquinas at the Time of His Canonisation (1323).

Miikka Tamminen: Saracens, Schismatics and Heretics in Jacques de Vitry’s Historia Orientalis. Criticism, Messages and the Use of Sources.

Kirsi Salonen: Illegal Business with Non-Christians and Pilgrims to the Holy Sepulchre. The Apostolic Penitentiary and the Contacts of Christians with Non-Christians during the Pontificate of Pope Pius II (1458‒1464)