AIRF Vol. 31. Technology, Ideology, Water: From Frontinus to the Renaissance and Beyond

Edited by Christer Bruun and Ari Saastamoinen
Roma 2003
ISBN 952-5323-08-0

C. Bruun: Introduction: Tradition and Innovation.

A. Saastamoinen: The Literary Character of Frontinus’ De aquaeductu.

C. Bruun: Frontinus and the ”Nachleben” of his De aquaeductu from Antiquity to the Baroque.

R. Coates-Stephens: The Water-supply of Early Medieval Rome.

A.I. Wilson: Classical Water Technology in the Early Islamic World.

A. Bazzana: Approvisionnements hydriques et maitrise de l’eau dans al-Andalus du X au XV siècle.

K. Grewe: Technologie-Transfer von der Antike in das Mittelalter am Beispiel der Wasserversorgung.

L. Riccetti: Orvieto e l’acqua nel Medioevo. Propaganda tecnica maestranze.

G. Fantoni: Tradizione e innovazione nel governo delle acque a Milano nel secolo XV.

M. Vuohu: Water Supply as Part of Urban Hygiene in Fifteenth-century Treatises on Architecture.

L. Lombardi: L’ingegneria idraulica romana rivisitata in epoca rinascimentale e barocca