AIRF Vol. 22. Female Networks and the Public Sphere in Roman Society

Rome 1999
ISBN: 951-96902-9-8

P. Setälä, Preface: Economic Opportunities for Women in the Roman Empire

M. Beard, The Erotics of Rape: Livy, Ovid and the Sabine Women

J.F. Gardner, Women in Business Life: Some Evidence from Puteoli

M.-L. Hänninen, Juno Regina and the Roman Matrons

M.-L. Hänninen, The Dream of Caecilia Metella: Aspects of Inspiration and Authority in Late Republican Roman Religion

K. Mustakallio, Legendary Women and Female Groups in Livy

M. Nielsen, Common Tombs for Women in Etruria: Buried Matriarchies?