Locus Horridus Digital Presentations

Isole dei Ciclopi ed Etna virgiliano quali coordinate letterarie per gli esuli Troiani

Alessio Ameduri

Emotional responses to ‘northern’ holy groves in Lucan and Tacitus

Antti Lampinen

Ovid’s hostile environment beyond the pathetic fallacy

Thomas Munro

Esempi di locus horridus a confronto tra Strabone e Plinio il Vecchio

Sara Obbiso – Roberta Lodisco

Ovid, Volcanoes, and the Potential Violence of Erotic Desire

Dr. Leah O’Hearn

Locus horridus? Nature and liminal spaces in the Faliscan area

Ulla Rajala

Killer creepers: The uncanny nature in Dionysiac Roman images

Stephanie Wyler