The Finnish Institute in Rome

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The Finnish Institute in Rome is a centre for humanities research and teaching. Key fields of research include ancient and medieval history, classical philology, archaeology, and art history, as well as other research on Italy. The Institute promotes the arts, especially the visual arts, music, and architecture. It aims to make Finns more aware of the cultural heritage of ancient Rome.

Besides enabling research projects and courses, the Institute awards fellowships, maintains research and visual arts residencies and an academic library, and issues a series of academic publications. It also organizes lectures, conferences, seminars, and concerts.

The Institute is located at Villa Lante al Gianicolo, a magnificent Renaissance villa owned by the Finnish state, and has been active since 1954.

Villa Lante is undergoing a renovation 2023-2025 and the Institute’s activity is carrying on in the temporary facilities in Via Garibaldi 31.