The Foundation that maintains the Finnish Institute in Rome awards several fellowships each year, enabling Finnish or Finland-based researchers at various career stages to work on their projects in Rome. To meet the criteria for a fellowship, the research must be related to ancient Rome, its impact, or the intellectual or material culture of the Mediterranean region.

The Wihuri Fellowship is awarded to doctoral candidates and the Postdoc Fellowship is awarded to researchers who have already obtained their doctorate. An annual fellowship is awarded to the author of a master’s thesis.

More information about the fellowships and how to apply for them is available in Finnish and Swedish.

TelepART Mobility Support

The Institute has fulfilled its quota of TelepART grants for the year 2023 and will not be handling new applications.

TelepART grants are intended to cover travel costs for academic events such as conferences and seminars. The grant is awarded to researchers working on ancient or medieval history, classical philology, classical archaeology, art history, or any other humanities discipline related to Italy. Researchers based in Finland can apply for TelepART grants for travel to Italy.

The grant is awarded for travel and accommodation expenses and participation fees up to a maximum of 1000 euros (including any other running costs related to the event, and VAT).

TelepART Mobility Support is awarded on a rolling basis. Grant decisions are made by the Finnish Institute in Rome, within two weeks of receiving the application.

Apply for TelepART here