Complete renovation of Villa Lante

Photo: Renovation of Villa Lante in 1974.

The complete renovation of Villa Lante has started in September 2023. The renovation consists of the renewal of all major facilities, such as plumbing and electricity, and of the repair of architectural surfaces both inside and outside the villa. Villa Lante is owned by the Finnish State, and the restauration project is managed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The renovation is expected to continue for 2 years.

As of June 1, it is no longer possible to visit the villa. The Institute has relocated to the temporary facilities in Via Garibaldi 31. The activities of the institute will carry on during the renovation.

The project is led by Finnish architects (ALA Architects) in collaboration with Italian architects and engineers (PRAS Tecnica Edilizia). A local firm (Edil Fema) will carry out the restauration work. The consulting architect is Professor Tancredi Carunchio. The plans have been approved by the Superintendencies of the Italian Ministry of Culture Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Roma. Villa Lante will have a partial renovation of the interior design as well, which is led by KOKO 3.