The Institute’s library has part of its books in an external deposit during the activity in the temporary facilities. The librarian can order upon request books out of the deposit, with a few days’ wait.

The institute has an academic library of around 21,000 volumes. The library specializes in the study of Antiquity, especially Roman topography. To support the work of the Institute’s researchers, the library acquires key reference works in the fields of classical philology, ancient history, classical archaeology, and art history. The collection also includes as many works as possible published by Finnish researchers in the humanities. Of the 200 or so journals, a large number are obtained in exchange for the Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae series.

A small section in the parlatorio (lounge) contains books on Finland, mainly about art and architecture. The books of Wolfgang and Nadine Helbig, former residents of Villa Lante, form an interesting part of the library’s historical collection.


  • The library has wireless internet access.
  • The library has a scanner/copier.
  • You can take photos in the library.

No lending service.

Admission by appointment with the librarian Diana Giofrè.

The Institute library collections are part of the URBS and URBiS catalogues of academic libraries in Rome.

The library is a member of the URBS network, the WorldCat catalogue, and the OCLC Art Discovery Group.

Library catalogue