Post doc fellow 2020

Miikka Tamminen.

Miikka Tamminen defended his doctoral thesis at University of Tampere, Finland in 2013. In his post doctoral studies Tamminen examines anti-Islamic hate speech in the Middle Ages (from 13th to 15th century). The study explores the background to anti-Islamic thinking and examines the development of polemical language in medieval Europe. Anti-Islamic preaching was widespread and systematic in the areas of Latin Christianity. The preachers were highly educated members of the clergy or mendicants authorized to preach by the Church of Rome.

Tamminen has published e.g. the monography Crusade Preaching and the Ideal Crusader (Brepols 2018) and edited together with Christian Krötzl Changing Minds. Communication and Influence in the High and Later Middle Ages (Acta IRF 2013).