AIRF Vol. 14. Mika Kajava: Roman Female Praenomina. Studies in the Nomenclature of Roman Women

Rome 1994
ISBN: 951-96902-1-2


The Nomenclature of Roman Women in the Republican Period – General Outlines

The Emergence of the Female Cognomen

Female Praenomina in the Republican and Early Imperial Period

Old Female Praenomina Used as Cognomina

Senatorial Women’s Praenomina in the Republican and Imperial Periods (with Additional Imperial Evidence from the Lower Sections of Society)

The Use of Female Praenomina at Different Levels of Society with Remarks on Their Chronology and Geographical Diffusion under the Empire

On the Abbreviations of Female Praenomina

Inverted Cognomina and the Use of Praenomina as Women’s Nomina