AIRF Vol. 12. Patrick Bruun: Studies in Constantinian Numismatics. Papers from 1954 to 1988

Roma 1991
Esaurito – Out of print

Constantinian mint policy and the Imperial Vota

The system of the Vota coinages. Co-ordination of issues in the Costantinian empire

The disappearance of Sol from the coins of Constantine

Roman imperial administration as mirrored in the IV century coinage

The Christian signs on the coins of Constantine

Early Christian symbolism on coins and inscriptions

A Law concerning tax payment in gold and the Constantinian Solidus

Constantine’s Dies imperii and Quinquennalia in the Light of the Early Solidi of Trier

Constantine’s change of Dies Imperii

Portrait of a conspirator. Constantine’s break with the Tetrarchy

Site finds and hoarding behaviour

Follis – a money bag in palace perspective

Nummi e centenionales. Nuovi punti di partenza della numismatica costantiniana

The negotiations of the conference of Carnuntum

Quantitative analysis of hoarding in periods of coin deterioration

The source value of imperial coin portraits (the fourth century A.D.)

From Polis to Metropolis. Notes on Thessalonica in the administration of the late empire

Constans Maximus Augustus

The Heraclean coinage of Maximinus Daza. A drastic proposal

Centur Revisited. Notes on the aes coinage of the mint of Siscia under Licinius (A.D. 308-313)

Scientific Bibliography of Patrick Bruun