International conference
Nordic Network for Women’s History and Gender Studies in Antiquity Gender, Identities, and Social Structures in Greco-Roman Antiquity

Key note II: Marjatta Nielsen Etruscan Women and Their Social Network

8-10 November 2023, Via Omero 14 and Via Garibaldi 31, Rome

Conference fee: €150, with a reduced rate of €80 for students and doctoral students.


Swedish Institute, Via Omero 14

13.30 Registration
14.00 Welcome address in the Institute’s library: Ulf R. Hansson, director of the Swedish Institute

14.10 Key note I: Glenys Davies: Women on Trajan’s Column

15.10–16.00 Session I (Library): Aspects of masculininty in classical and post-classical Athens

15.10 Noah Wellington: The City’s Sons: Elite Athenian Manhood in the Late Fifth Century BCE
15.35 Suvi Kuokkanen: Ideals of Manliness in the Description of Post-Periclean Politicians in Athens

16.00 COFFEE

16.20–17.30 Session II (Library): Roman men and women; age, power and gender

16.20 Karen K. Hersch: Tanaquil Rex? Rome’s First Queen
16.45 Christian Laës: When the Emperor Gets Old: Old Age and Authority in Imperial Rome
17.10 Pia Mustonen: The Afterlife of Livia, Diva Augusta.

17.45 Session III (Library): Poster presentations

Ludivine Capra: Tools and Gender. Study of Women’s Craft Practices in Gaul 1st-3rd cent. A.D.
Eva Astyrakaki: Dionysius Halicarnassus’ Roman Archaeology: The Roman Origin Revised
Ella Sahivirta: Women Behind the Scenes of Church Politics: The Influence of the Aventine Community in Early Catholic Church of the Late 4th Century
Iida Huitula: Diversity of Identities: Understanding Jewish Polytheism



Moring: Swedish Institute, Via Omero 14

09.15–11.00 Session IV (Library): Work, social status and professional rules

09.15 Birgitta Leppänen Sjöberg: Spatial Coercion: The Unfree Female Workforce of the Greek oikos
09.40 Giulia Cappucci: Through the Lens of Epigraphy: Servae Owned by Women in the Epitaphs From Early Imperial Rome (Late I Century BCEEarly III Century CE)
10.05 Joonas Vanhala: Occupational Hazards: Professional Steteotypes in Martial
10.30. Angeles Alonso Alonso: Women and medical occupation in ancient Rome: Problems and recognition

09.15–11.00 Session V (Auditorium): Gender, body language and bodily boundaries

09.15 Ria Berg: The Chair: Seats as Gender-bound status markers in Roman Antiquity
09.40 John Starks: The Voice of Experience: Female Singers and Gendered Power in Hellenic Performance Culture
10.05 Elina Pyy: Boundaries of the Body: Sexual and Non-Sexual Violence Against Women in Roman Society and Culture
10.30 Andrea Nyholm: Leda and the Swan in Roman Wall-Painting: Eroticism and Power in the Cubicula

11.00 COFFEE

11.30–13.15 Session VI (Library): Religion, magic, and dreams in the Greco-Roman world

11.30 Irene Salvo: Auntie, Where are Thou? Unearthing Female Kin Bonding in Greek Religion
11.55 Dina Gillham: A Comparison of Vestal Virgins and Christian Consecrated Virgins in Rome: Exploration of Social Status, Limitations, and Benefits
Practices in Pre-Roman Societies
12.20 Arja Karivieri: The Magical Power of Hair in the Roman World
12.45 Jamie Vesterinen: Women’s Dreams in Greco-Roman Historiographical, Biographical and Geographical Literature

11.30–13.15 Session VII (Auditorium): Gender, ethnic and social identities

11.30 Maureen Carroll: Women’s Dress, Gender, and Identity in Southern Italy in the Fourth Century B.C.
11.55 Ellen Siljedahl: Cooking and Preparing Food – Examining Gender and Ethnicity Through Everyday Practices in Pre-Roman Societies
12.20 Judit Pásztókai-Szeőke: Roman Imperialism, Wardrobe Studies and Changing Pannonian Identities
12.45 Jesper Carlsen: Gender, Identities and Social Structures Among Imperial Slaves and Freedmen in Roman Carthage

13.15 LUNCH (served at the Swedish Institute)

Afternoon: Finnish Institute, Via Garibaldi 31

16.15 Welcome address: Ria Berg, director of the Finnish Institute
16.30 Key note II: Marjatta Nielsen Etruscan Women and Their Social Network

17.30 WINE RECEPTION (served at the Finnish Institute, Via Garibaldi 31)


Swedish Institute, Via Omero 14

09.30–12.30 Session VIII (Library): Greek and Roman masculinity and feminity in religion, philosophy and literature

09.30 Eleni Papadogiannaki: The Phrygian Slave in Euripides
9.55 Johan Vekselius: Self-Control on and Beyond Plutarch’s Lives
10.20 Jussi Rantala: Fighting the Enemy, Lacking Masculinity in Roman Historical Narrative

10.45 COFFEE

11.15 Jaakkojuhani Peltonen: Views of Effeminacy and Gendered Ideology of War in Roman Literature
11.40 Antonios Pontoropoulos: Letters and Representations of Female Voices in Late Antique Rewritings of the Alexander Romance
12.05 Maria Jokela: Procopius and the Women of the Anecdota

09.30–12.30 Session IX (Auditorium): Gender, agency and Roman social identities

09.30 Marja-Leena Hänninen: The Agency of Non-Élite Women in Urban Society of Ostia in the Early Imperial Period
09.55 Kaius Tuori: Female Agency in the Legal Sphere: Spatial Analysis of the Roman Republican Evidence
10.20 Tuomo Nuorluoto: Names as Social Markers for Women in Ancient Rome

10.45 COFFEE

11.15 Alessandra Valentini: Agrippina the Elder, caelesti sanguine orta
11.40 Katariina Mustakallio: Domestic Space, Time and Gender in Varro’s De Agricultura
12.05 Lewis Webb: Cives Romanae Embodied: Ordo matronarum and Female Citizenship in Republican Rome


Jesper Carlsen & Maureen Carroll

13.15 LUNCH (served at the Swedish Institute)