Visit Villa Lante

You can visit the Institute Monday to Friday from 9–12 am until the 31 May 2023. Visits are to be booked in advance via . Note that there may be exceptions in the visiting hours for example when the Institute is organizing seminars.

The spaces open to the public are the salone and the loggia on the main floor.

The Institute is closed on local public holidays on 1 January, 6 January, 25 April, 1 May, 2 June, 29 June, 15 August, 1 November, 8 December, 24–26 December, Easter and Finnish Independence Day, 6 December.

The visitors have access to an audioguide available in English, Italian, Finnish and Swedish. You can listen to the audioguide on your own device.

Due to the renovation of Villa Lante it is not possible to visit the Institute after the 31 May 2023. The renovation is expected to continue for two years.

Villa Lante is accessible from the centre by bus 870 (main stop at the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II) and bus 115 (main stop at the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II or Via E. Morosini).